Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UN Econononsense

A report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), said that channelling 2%, or $1,3-trillion, of global gross domestic product into greening sectors such as construction, energy and fishing could start a move toward a low-carbon world. The investment would expand the global economy at the same rate, if not higher, as under present economic policies.

This is a typical piece of UN econononsense. Channeling $1.3 trillion of investment into ANYTHING would boost jobs! The question is whether it would be sustainable, i.e. whether there would be a reasonable return on the investment. If there isn't, then destroying wealth on that scale would be criminal - the lost opportunities alone would be sufficient to haul the UN before the tribunal on genocide. There is absolutely no evidence that the investment "would expand the global economy at the same rate." People will invest in greening projects if they are more profitable than other avenues of investment. The problem has been to find profitable ones. Most are only profitable because of Government subsidies - and these are clearly unsustainable.

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