Saturday, January 21, 2012

Could CFC's be the real problem?

In my last note, I made a ghastly error. I called a little peak at around 9-10 microns a CO2 peak when it is really an ozone peak. Humble grovellings to all who pointed out my mistake!

However, it led me to a fascinating paper by Quin-Bin Lu, Department of Physics and Astronomy , University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

He confirms what I have long believed, that the carbon dioxide bands are already essentially saturated. Therefore CO2 CAN NO LONGER CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL WARMING. It has done its job - all the greenhousing it can do is done, over, finished.

More importantly, that little 9-10 micron peak is not just ozone, but also CFC's. Lu has an interesting graph showing virtually no correlation between CO2 and measured temperature changes, but an even more interesting one showing an excellent correlation between CFC's and the temperature changes:

That is a good enough correlation for me to think there is something VERY INTERESTING here. Watch this space!

Being a climate skeptic is FUN!

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