Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NOT an April Fool's tale!

I had to wait a day before sharing the following link with you - http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/warmlist.htm.

It lists 1001 disasters caused by global warming.  A few which caught my eye:
  • Bulgarian brothels closing in winter
  • Grass growing in Antarctica
  • Beer better - and worse
  • Increasingly amorous cats
  • Altering the tilt of the Earth
  • Giant pythons taking over one third of US
  • Haggis threatened (best food to which it could happen, I say)
  • Gorillas dying of indigestion
  • Oysters developing herpes
  • Polar bears going deaf
  • Short-nosed dogs endangered
  • Loss of fire in Tabasco (in Spanish)
  • More witches being executed
These were quite serious reports - global warming is clearly an absolute disaster.  Now you understand why I had to wait a day - if I had written this yesterday, you would never have believed me!

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deeps said...

now thats no April fool's tale