Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forests galore

The United Nations Environment Programme has released a report to mark World Environment Day entitled 'Forests in a Green Economy: A Synthesis'.

As you might expect, the case is wildly overstated. It claims that the devastating effects of climate change will disappear and millions of jobs will be created.

"The devastating effects of climate change" are almost impossible to see - the world is getting warmer, but only slightly. You have to look very hard to link any devastation to it being warmer, yet even a cursory glance will show significant benefits (we live longer in a warmer world, for one thing).

The claim of creating lots of jobs ignores all those who have jobs clearing forests, and who will be put out of work by reforestation. It is a classic zero sum game.

As usual, UNEP inhabits a different world from most of us, and its prescriptions are those for another world.

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