Thursday, June 16, 2011

Public awareness of climate change

Rajendra Pachauri, boss of the IPCC, has said "Public awareness is really going to be the key to spur a deal to avert heatwaves, droughts, floods and rising seas." Translated, this means we may expect to be bombarded with increasing nonsense about heat waves, droughts, floods and rising seas.

We know that the world has warmed for the past 150 years. Any changes in the weather or the sea level should be apparent. Such changes as are observable cannot be linked to more carbon dioxide in the air. Our own Weather Service fails to find any increase in the incidence of droughts or floods or heat waves, and it is their job to tell us what is happening to the weather. The sea level continues to rise at around 3mm/a, which it has done for the past 150 years. The rise appears to be the result of the end of the last ice age, 11 000 years ago, when sea levels were 120m lower than today.

So steel yourself to more IPCC nonsense - Durban COP is coming, and the Treasury wants every excuse to rape us with carbon taxes.

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