Saturday, April 14, 2012

Global warming

One thing is clear - the world is somewhat warmer than it used to be 150 years ago.

The question is - by how much? The official data come from GISS and the Hadley Climate Research Unit, with the problem that you cannot access the raw data to check anything. Another problem has now emerged - the historical data has been massaged, so that the past is colder and the warming is faster than it really is.

Famously, New Zealand kept raw data accessible. People thought it a good idea to check, when it was reported that the massaged data was showing New Zealand warming faster than almost anywhere else on earth. As New Zealand is a relatively narrow island surrounded by ocean, this seemed unlikely. The check revealed that not only was it unlikely, it was wrong.

Now comes the news that the US data has been massaged. The historical record has been jimmied downwards, again making it appear that the warming is faster than it really is. There is a beautiful demonstration of the jimmying on Over a period of some 6 months, the historical records were 'adjusted', always downwards and always for no apparent reason.

So next time someone tells you a bit of carbon dioxide is going to send the temperature off scale, show him this evidence.

No one pays me to be a skeptic - I just have an inbuilt lie-detector.

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